Poetry Transformed Into Book Art

I just got back from seeing the beautiful "Over The Moon" exhibit at the Athenaeum Music & Art Library.  "Over The Moon" is a collaborative art project, created by 40 members of San Diego Book Arts, and took 2 years to complete.  The book artists have not only created their original artwork on paper, but also made individual hand bound art books based on high-quality reproductions of the originals. 

Pieces made were inspired by the Moon Haiku of Diane Gage.  "Moon Haiku" consists of 23 separate haikus.  Each piece of original art is accompanied by a profile of the artist, as well as the haiku that inspired the individual work.  The exhibition is at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in La Jolla, and will be there through February 11, 2017.

Here is just a small sample of what you will see when you view the exhibition:

More info here: